IBM’s Watson targets cancer

Written for the University of Michigan’s One Cool Thing mobile app (06/11/15)

Customized cancer care, courtesy of IBM Watson.

The search for cancer cures may have found a resourceful ally in IBM’s Watson, reports Gizmodo. Doctors can now upload the DNA of a particular tumor and Watson takes it from there. By searching its vast memory, Watson hones in on what may be causing the tumor to grow and what would be the best remedy to neutralize it. The amount of medical knowledge Watson is drawing from is huge. Combine that with its impressive computing power and the intelligent encyclopedia is able to help doctors identify a treatment strategy. A large amount of clinical cancer trials have been inserted into Watson’s memory and aid in the search for the best cure. Watson’s prescriptions are a good start in the direction of personalized medicine. And while it’s not a cure for cancer, it aims to increase the success of treatment for cancer patients in an entirely new way.