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Judo Man

Here's a passion project that's very close to my heart. About a year or so ago, starting my own martial arts career I met John Kuchinski. After that I was dying to get him in front of the video camera and I'm happy that myself and the rest of the talented crew that worked on this project were able to tell a story that focused on the mindset that John brings to his judo every day. 


Lithium Ion Batteries: Why They Explode

A project I produced from the idea phase to completed product, this video was created for The Energy Institute at the University of Michigan to inform audiences about the why and the how of lithium ion battery explosions such as those seen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


Space Weather Modeling Framework

This is a video I produced with the Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering department at the University of Michigan covering their software framework, The Space Weather Modeling Framework, that allows us to be better prepared for potentially devastating space weather events.


College of Engineering: Michigan's Bicentennial Video

I've always been a history buff, and so to put together this video about the University of Michigan's bicentennial was an absolute blast.


Video Editing Reel

My first love and continuing passion is telling stories through video. Compelling, story motivated cuts are always my goal. Here are a few diverse scenes from a documentary I'm currently editing. Thanks for watching!