Compostable | Mobile App Prototype


Click through my medium fidelity prototype here!

Design Problem Context

As part of my Intro to Interaction Design course at the University of Michigan, my classmates and I were directed to brainstorm possible solutions to problems experienced by a particular neighborhood. I had spent a good portion of my life in Ann Arbor, and so I chose to focus on a problem that a deep level of understanding of the community had made me privy to. Ann Arbor may not be a huge community, but it is a vibrant one and as such is an area that produces a high volume of compostable waste through businesses and restaurants. In the end, my solution became creating a mobile application that allows user to simultaneously find farms or composters that they can donate compostable waste to; as well as discover local places that they can buy healthy produce, dairy, or meat at. 


For this project, I made use of a variety of tools in order to develop an interactive system I thought would most effectively divert waste from businesses and restaurants to the compost piles that need their compostable matter.

Competitive Analysis

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QOC Defense

Medium Fidelity Prototype


After these tools were developed I was able to implement my solution as a mobile application that matches businesses/restaurants with farmers who want to make use of their compostable waste. Think of it like Tinder, except for farmers!